Bravo! Zoro II wireless Volcanic Rock Limited Edition has won a lot of fans.

Aug 22, 2017 | Adam

The design
The hinge is steel reinforced, which is more durable. The shape is sleek and refined. It is equipped with control buttons, by which users can complete all common functions such as power on/power off, answer the phone/hang up the phone, volume control, selection of songs, and battery check.

The sound
ZORO II wireless adopts Noontec's exclusive and most up-to-date SCCB acoustic technology in order to produce improved sound clarity and create a more realistic representation of the live performance.

Comfortable wearing
ZORO II wireless is extremely comfortable to wear! In order to ensure comfortable wearing for the users, the head beam shape of ZORO II wireless has been precisely adjusted and specially optimized according to human being’s head profiles. The ear muffs of ZORO II wireless are hand-made of protein cotton, which is so soft.

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