Editor’s Choice: Hammo Wireless

Jan 3, 2018 | Peter Donnell

Noontec headphones all tend to look somewhat similar, and the same is true here. Plastic feels durable. The golden Noontec badges on the headband and the ear cups are all metal too and look fantastic.

Close and Comfortable
Each ear cup is mounted on a small pivot, which allows for a few degree of movement both horizontally and vertically. Of course, this movement will help the headset fit better around your ears, making it more comfortable while blocking more unwanted external noise.

The Hammo certainly fit my requirements, being able to hook into my headphone amp or my guitar effect channel in wired mode. At my desktop, Bluetooth works great and pairs up very quickly.

Excellent build quality
Studio-grade performance
Compact and lightweight
High-quality cables included
Wired and Wireless connectivity
Long battery life
Competitive price


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