Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where do the batteries go in?

    The batteries go in the access panel on the outside of the left ear. Rock it back and at the top you'll see a tiny slit to put a fingernail into to pop off the door. 

  • Will these pair with my bluetooth on my computer?

    Yes, if your computer has the bulid-in Bluetooth. 

  • Do they have microphone?

    The original cable has a microphone and play/pause button integrated.

  • How many devices can I pair with?

    ZORO II Wireless has a memory function with up to 8 devices and can connect to 2 devices simultaneously and switch between them freely.

  • Do they have mono sound, stereo sound, or surround sound?

    They feature in stereo sound. 

  • Are these headphones adjustable in size.


  • Can you wear them with hearing aides?


  • Do the headphones come with a battery charger?

    They come with a USB cable to charge the battery. 

  • How do you connect these to an Xbox 360?

    It looks Xbox 360 does not support Bluetooth. You can connect via your TV though if your TV supports Bluetooth. 

  • Are these on-ear or over-ear?

    They are over ear.

  • Are these headphones on the ear or over the ear?

    It's ON the ear, NOT over. 

  • Can these headphones be used without the Active Noise Cancellation?

    Yes, these headphones are designed in dual modes, which means you can enjoy music either with the noise cancelling function on or off. 

  • Does the wired connector have a volume control on it

    No volume control. There is only a button on the cable enabling pause/play music or answer/hang up call. 

  • Are these compatible with computers and tablets?

    The headphones have a standard 1/8" stereo plug. You can use them on phone, iPad, iPod, laptop, etc. 

  • Are these headphones work with smart TV ?

    Yes, if the smart TV with built-in Bluetooth. 

  • Are these headphones wireless?

    No, they are wired.

  • How long will they take for the battery to be fully charged?

    It take about 2 hours to be fully charged and can work as long as 35 hour once a fully charge is finished.

  • Are these headphones binaural?

    Yes, they are. 

  • are these headphoens sweatproof?


  • When connected to a TV via bluetooth, is there a delay in the audio from the video?

    No delay 

  • Are they Bluetooth / wireless?

    No, they are wired. 

  • Will these work headphones with a TV that is not a smart tv with no Bluetooth?

    No they won't 

  • Can you use to make a phone call in Bluetooth. Does it have a microphone?

    Yes, they have a microphone and is very good for calls.

  • Are these Noise Cancelling headphoens?

    No, they are not. 

  • It has noise cancellation?

    Although it passively cancels some noise, no, it does not possess the active noise cancelling function. 

  • What kind of batteries are required for these headphones?

    They are wireless/bluetooth headphones, a built-in li-thium battery is included in the headphones and can run as long as 35 hours. 

  • Does the headset have a mute button?

    No there is no button for muting

  • Do they only cancel out airplane noise? Or do they cancel out other sounds as well?

    They muffle most of the sound (pilot talking, engine noise, neighbor talking). If there is a crying baby in the row behind you, you will hear it......but at a much lower noise level. 

  • These headphoenes shows in win 7 computer but has exclamation point. But can't connect, need driver?

    Yes, win 7 needs driver to activate the Bluetooth. 

  • How are they for working out at the gym?

    They are awesome. Great sound! 

  • Do they turn off automatically to save battery after using them?

    Yes, they do. 

  • Can you use noise cancelling while listening to music?

    Yes. But be sure to turn noise canceling OFF when you are done, or it will kill the battery. 

  • Is the wireless sound quality is same as that playing with cable?

    Yes, the sound quality is the same as that playing with cable.

  • Do these headphones pair with a bluetooth 5.1 sound bar system?

    Yes, they can pair with a bluetooth 5.1 sound bar system.

  • Do these headphones work with iPhone control, mic, button?

    Yes, they work with iPhone mic and button.

  • Will they comtinue to function without noise cancelling when the battery is dead?


  • Are these headsets compatible with a smart TV?

    Yes, if your smart TV is built with a Bluetooth transmitter.

  • Are the ear pads consumer replacable?

    Yes, the ear pads are replaceable. 

  • Do these headphones work with Apple laptop computers?

    Yes, they work.

  • Do they hurt after a long period of time?

    They are really comfortable, despite wearing glasses. You typically get 3-4 hours in before you feel you need a break. 

  • Are these headphones closed back or open back?

    They are closed back headphones. 

  • Are they compatible with android phones


  • How far away from my iPhone will the bluetooth signal carry to these headphones?

    it's about 33ft.

  • Are their head band adjustable?

    Yes, they are.

  • Do these have an microphone?