Noontec attends 2013 Mobile world Congress

Mar 12, 2013 | Stephan Vazharov

Mobile World Congress, with a good reputation in communication industry, was observed the grand opening in Barcelona, Spain at February, 2013. As the biggest and most famous exhibition in communication industry, MWC attracts lots of mobile phone manufacturers. Noontec, as an international fashion boutique brand, was invited to this exhibition this time. Many Noontec products such as ZORO fashion Hi-Fi headphone, Apple accessories were exhibited in this Exhibition. Especially the new headphone Hammo which will appear on the market later, was well received and accepted by exhibitors.

ZORO and Rio are Noontec Hi-Fi headphone products, both of them adopt special SCCB technic. All researched, designed with excellent appearance, shock acoustic for fashion music fans. Noontec headphones are very hot at more than 50 countries in global up till now. With the fashion appearance and high cost performance, ZORO was welcomed and accepted by the customers from America, South Korea, France, Australia and so on. It got 5 stars good reputation in professional 《PC Authority》evaluating which is an international authority magazine. It also got 9 point in cost performance and boutique recommendation from global headphone authority media--- Cnet.

This time, Noontec brings another new headphone---Hammo. It is a new active noise cancelling headphone which continues Noontec’s brief, fashion style. With more sophisticated technique and latest technology, Hammo is another shining pearl of Noontec headphone series. It was well received and accepted by exhibitors for its fashion appearance and high cost performance in this exhibition. Hammo will be on the market around April, anyone who is interested in could pay more attention to it that time.

Besides these products, Noontec also brings Apple accessories series which were original designed by Italian famous master. The products include ipad leather case, iphone cover and power bank. With good compatibility, Noontec power bank products had obtained official authorization and passed the specified RFIOTA strict test of Apple company.
Noontec, a 11-year global brand who deals with fashion audio-visual boutique, makes a strict international developing standard from the beginning. It has international products research and development, international products design and international sales channels. Millions of customers have witnessed the design and quality of Noontec brand.